Plena Voice Alarm 3.0, the next step in Plena Voice Alarm

With more than 8000 installed systems worldwide, Plena Voice Alarm is the number one solution for public address and voice alarm systems in small to medium size applications. With release 3.0 of the Plena Voice Alarm, Bosch ensures full EN 54 compliance, extended zoning, windows compliant and on-line system design.


Plena Voice Alarm 3.0

With release 3.0 of the Plena Voice Alarm, Bosch ensures full compliance with the EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16 for an extended number of 120 zones. And besides offering a full compliant system to the end user, consultant and installation company, the Plena Voice Alarm system can now be configured from the latest Windows PC’s and on-line software is offered to enable straightforward system design.


The Fast Route to safety and system design

The Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm System range is an ideal evacuation, message and background music solution for a variety of locations, such as schools, hotels, shopping centers, factories, offices and similar applications where public safety is essential.

A system design tool helps to also support the pre-sales process and define the required Plena Voice Alarm system.


Slim solution, broad application

Designed as a versatile solution, the Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm System features a standalone plug-and-play concept easy to set up and control. For flexible system control, the remote control panels duplicate the Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm’s user interface.

Based on a Plena voice alarm controller unit it can handle up to 6 zones with a built-in message manager, emergency microphone, and a built-in 240 W power amplifier.

When connecting easy to install, 6-zone routers to the Plena voice alarm the number of zones extends to a 120-zone capacity. The power per zone is freely distributable per zone and is can be over 1000 Watts per router (or 6 zones).

In addition, 8 call stations with 32 call station keypads with programmable keys can be interconnected for message routing. Additional Plena amplifiers can be added to create two-channel systems.



Guaranteeing first-class prevention and security measures, the Plena Public Address Voice Alarm products meet all the stringent functionality and back-up performance requirements for EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16 and EN 60849 certification, the international standards for voice alarm. This includes system supervision, spare amplifier switching, loudspeaker line surveillance, a built-in message manager and comprehensive front panel controls and indicators.

For more information about the complete family of Plena Voice Alarm, please visit our online catalog or contact your local Bosch representative.