Carephone 62


The Carephone 62 sets a benchmark in technology and design. Being modular and compatible with the analogue telephone network, broadband connections (VoIP) and the GSM network makes the device future-proof and flexible. Plus, programming via a Micro SD card guarantees a genuine “Plug and Play“ solution.




Analogue, IP and GSM telephony with one device

The device can be used in combination with the analogue telephone network as well as with broadband connections (VoIP). In addition, a modem ensures the compatibility with the GSM network. Consequently, one device fits three different connection types.

Freedom of programming

Thanks to the innovative option of programming the Carephone 62 via a Secure Digital Memory Card (SD card), it is a genuine “Plug and Play” solution. Without requiring any additional programming tools, the SD card permits easy software upgrading and detailed analysis of stored event data. Besides the SD card, the Carephone 62 can also be programmed remotely by the social alarm monitoring center or locally, using either the integrated keyboard or programming software running on a laptop.



  • Compatible with Analogue, IP and GSM telephony
  • Future-proof carephone thanks to modular structure
  • Four alternative programming options: remote programming via the monitoring center, via Micro SD card, via integrated keypad and via local programming software on a laptop
  • “Plug and Play” solution via Micro SD card
  • DTMF-free protocol
  • Class 1 receiver
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Contemporary design
  • Wide range of associated telecare transmitters and detectors




Thanks to the ability of the Carephone 62 to cover three different transmission networks (Analogue, IP, GSM) a smooth installation of the device is guaranteed, independent of the existing telephone connection at the end-user’s home. Thus, the Carephone 62 is not only future-proof but also makes it unnecessary to stock a variety of carephones which substantially reduces logistics and warehousing costs.

“Plug and Play” solution

The innovative programming option via the Micro SD card is a real “Plug and Play” solution and reduces the risk of programming errors, thus saving time and money for the social alarm service provider.

Contemporary design

By replacing the top cover, the social alarm service provider easily benefits from cost savings, and the end-user appreciates the new look of the device.




The Carephone 62 is part of a social alarm system which is developed for elderly people who want to lead independent lives in their own homes while having the secure feeling that help is always available when they need it.

The system consists of the Carephone 62 and a mobile transmitter that can be carried around the house. Three alternative transmitters (Pendant Transmitter, Carewatch and Fall Detector) are available.

If assistance is needed, the user only needs to press the alarm button on either the Carephone 62 itself or on the mobile transmitter. An alarm is then immediately sent to a 24-hour staffed monitoring centre; two-way voice communication helps clarify the situation so appropriate action can be taken.

Thanks to a transmitted data protocol, both the user and the type of alarm are clearly identified. A wide range of additional wireless peripherals provides a maximum of safety at home and rounds out the Bosch Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and telecare system.