DCN webcasting – The open invitation to your conferences



Open and transparant meeting
With DCN webcasting you will create more openness and transparency by streaming your (live or archived) meetings via the Internet to your audience. Your audience can see and hear the live or archived meeting, as well as access related data, such as agenda points, speakers’ names, voting results, and even documents that are presented during the meeting.
This will bring your audience closer to you. Keeping them informed. Keeping them involved.

Simple and complete
DCN webcasting is an off-the-shelf, self contained product. We offer a complete conference solution, including this easy to use DCN webcasting solution. Take the next step in conference management and create added value for your organization and your public. Minimum fuss – maximum effect.



Complete and off-the-shelf webcasting solution, including

  • Application software
  • Web hosting agreement
  • Extra language facilities (up to 2 extra languages)
  • Flexible configuration

Streaming your meetings via Internet to your audience

  • Live or any time afterwards via your on-line archive
  • Full HD support for crisp, clear video images
  • Including meeting related data, such as agenda points, speakers’ names, voting results, and even documents that are presented during the meeting
  • Optionally webcasts can be password protected to be accesable only for authorized viewers

Flexible and convenient viewing

  • Webcast viewable on any device with internet connection (PC, Tablet, smartphone)
  • Archived meetings can be viewed any time
  • Advanced search options to quickly jump to points of interest
  • Realtime survey and opinion polling

In your own look and feel

  • Ensure consistent communications
  • Extra-professional touch

Social media integration

  • Inform your networks about certain topics with just one click on a button

Easy distribution on other media like USB, DVD or local intranet server

  • Local export option for meetings


Save in transcription and distribution costs
By using DCN webcasting you can build up an online archive, which will become your permanent record of meetings. This will avoid unnecessary transcription and distribution costs.

Reliable solution
DCN webcasting makes use of local buffering so no meeting data is lost, even if the internet connection is down.

Flexible and convenient viewing
Your audience can see and hear your meetings live, as they happen from anywhere in the world – or at any time afterwards. All they will need is a PC, tablet, mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device. When viewing the archive, users can quickly jump to their particular points of interest, which will save valuable time for them.

Social media integration
For extra convenience - with the social media integration – viewers can easily inform their networks about certain topics with just one click on a button.

Involve your audience
DCN webcasting not only informs your audience, if desired you can also involve them in your meetings with realtime surveys and opinion polling.

Seamless customization to look and feel of customers’ website
What’s more, your audience will see your meetings presented in your own look and feel, to ensure consistent communications and that extra-professional touch.



Bosch DCN webcasting is a highly convenient, off-the-shelf solution for both new and existing customers that use the DCN Next Generation or DCN Wireless systems. It brings a new dimension to organizations and activities such as city and regional councils as well as for the corporate market including stakeholder meetings.