DCN-D Discussion Unit


Talk about perfection, combining innovative design with superior acoustic technology.


Innovative, attractive design encourages dialogue


The curved shape, slim design and elegant combination of stylish silver and black in a matt finish ensure the DCN-D Discussion Unit fits perfectly with the decor of all kinds of different types of conference rooms. With its sleek control panel and intuitive layout, the brand new DCN-D Discussion Unit has an instantly familiar feel. This plays a vital role in creating an environment that encourages constructive dialog.


Perfect discussion solution for any meeting


The DCN-D Discussion Units are available in 5 different versions, with a range of options to ensure a best fit for your needs. From a basic version with fixed microphone that allowsdelegates to talk and listen, to an extended version with plugable microphone, electronic voting facility and a built-in channel selector for language selection of up to 31 interpretations.


Superior audio quality


The DCN-D Discussion Units are equipped with Bosch developed technology, such as high-quality plugable microphones, special loudspeakers for perfect intelligibility, improved acoustical performance and are completely immune to mobile phone interference. All this results in superior audio quality that makes it easy to hear exactly what’s going on. And that’s needed for every conference, no matter what the topic.


Your meeting is always in good hands

The DCN Next Generation conference system leads the way in digital conference management. It brings outstanding aesthetic appeal, reliability, flexibility and control to

all proceedings. Moreover, it can help you take the next step in effective conference management. That’s because Bosch designers have worked intensively together with experienced delegates, interpreters and operators to create a system that satisfies the needs of everyone in the entire conference chain. In short, with the Bosch DCN Next Generation, you can relax. Your meeting is in good hands.

For more information about the complete family of DCN Next Generation, please visit our online catalog and the DCN Next Generation Microsite linked in the info box.