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Site conditions should never affect the quality or reliability of your security operation. That is exactly why Bosch has developed a range of specialty cameras for specific situations and applications. Whether it’s darkness, danger of explosions, weather conditions, vandalism or requirements that come with critical infrastructures, a Bosch specialty camera will always operate flawlessly. No matter what your surveillance challenge, we will provide you with the highest quality images.


Built to resist hazardous environments


No matter whether it is exceptionally hot or cold, the lighting conditions are extremely poor, the monitored objects are far away or there is a high level of moisture or dust, the new EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX cameras deliver the highest quality of security relevant images. They are specifically designed and certified to operate in potentially volatile environments with the assurance that they will not cause an explosion. This makes them the camera of choice where gases, vapors, dust, or clouds escape during the production of flammable substances. EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX cameras are ideal for use in industries like oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical.

EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX cameras are ATEX and IECEX certified for safe operation in hazardous environments. They are tested according to the IEC standard EN50130-5 for continuous and safe operation in surroundings with temperature ranges from -50° to +60° Celsius (-58° to 140° Fahrenheit). EXTEGRA IP 9000 FX products feature a 30x optical zoom with autofocus. The built-in Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) technology actively analyzes a scene and reduces noise artifacts accordingly. This saves up to 50% bitrate at the source, which significantly reduces your storage costs and network strain without compromising on video quality


Making the invisible visible


In situations where the human eye can’t see anything, Bosch VOT-thermal cameras can make all the difference. By capturing and translating invisible thermal energy, which is radiated from moving objects or buildings, into images you can view normally. Our fixed thermal IP cameras are designed for outdoor use and reveal much more about a scene than traditional cameras. They can detect and warn you about any irregularities happening in areas where vision would otherwise be impossible. Bosch thermal cameras provide sight in complete darkness and are unaffected by dense smoke, heavy fog or snow. When used with a MicroSD card, the cameras offers edge recording in case of network failure or can even operate as a complete, self-contained surveillance system, without the need for additional equipment.


High performance in low light and critical infrastructures


Applications like utility sites, research facilities and transportation hubs demand surveillance cameras that are extra robust. No matter how critical your infrastructure is, the DINION IP imager 9000 HD camera ensures the highest quality and reliability in all conditions. This camera is built to overcome every challenge posed by weather conditions, dust or vandalism attempts. With a detection level of 160 meters and a classification level of 120 meters in total darkness, the DINION IP imager 9000 HD is ideal for 24/7 fence line and perimeter surveillance.

Built-in technologies improve the performance even further. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) alerts you when required and adds sense and structure to stored video through metadata. This allows you to retrieve the right images in seconds from hours of stored video. And Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) saves up to 50% bit rate at the source, which significantly reduces your storage costs and network strain without compromising video quality.


Vandal-resistant while providing maximum safety and view


Thanks to its smart design, the FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP is a vandal-resistant corner camera. Impossible to grip or hang from, the cameras are designed to provide maximum safety in environments such as waiting rooms, elevators and psychiatric care rooms. Equipped with an ultra-wide lens, the FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP allows you to view an entire small room (4.5 x 4.5 meters) at once, including the floor beneath the camera. Integrated infrared illumination results in high quality images (1440x1080p) even in pitch black conditions at night. The built-in Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) technology actively analyzes a scene and reduces noise artefacts accordingly. This saves up to 50% bit rate at the source, which significantly reduces your storage costs and network strain without compromising on video quality.


Easy, intelligent and flexible

Built-in Intelligence

Only images that are relevant add value to your security operation. Bosch specialty cameras feature built-in technologies to help you focus on relevant situations and save bandwidth at the same time. Based on your site-specific requirements, every camera is equipped with patented Bosch technologies to further improve the quality and reliability of your video surveillance.

Easy installation and servicing

Whatever the conditions, installing a Bosch specialty camera is a quick process that takes little time and effort. Every one of our cameras is easy to mount and can be connected to your network in no time. Once installed, maintenance is minimal and most servicing can be done remotely.

Conforms with ONVIF

Bosch specialty cameras work with a wide range of third party network video products. The ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specification allows easy integration with your current devices and video management system. Being ONVIF conformant, our specialty cameras are able to exchange data easily and are automatically recognized and connected to network applications such as video management systems.