Our focus is making professional video surveillance easy for everyone

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At Bosch, we believe in keeping your personnel and property safe and secure at all times. This is not only a question of installing the proper hardware, but also the assurance that alarms are triggered when needed, and video data is recorded and safely stored. This means you can always review what happened, regardless of time and place. With the IP 2000 family, we offer a cost-effective solution especially designed for small retail businesses and homes.


Flexible and complete


With the IP 2000 portfolio, Bosch has raised the bar and set new standards in security and data management for small retail businesses, like jewelry stores, bakeries, cooking shops, fashion stores, hardware stores, and homes. The entire Bosch IP 2000 portfolio integrates seamlessly with software and recording solutions from Bosch and other vendors. 3rd party integration, ensured by the ONVIF conformity of all Bosch IP cameras and the Bosch Integration Partner Program (IPP), greatly simplifies the interoperability of video surveillance products. Our IP 2000 family offers models for either more visible or discrete indoor video surveillance. By smartly combining cameras and recording solutions you can tailor and scale your IP video solution to perfectly fit your needs.


2-in-1 solution


The TINYON IP 2000 WI (wireless) and TINYON IP 2000 PIR offer a cost-effective 2-in-1 security solution. They combine a built-in, passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a 720p HD IP video surveillance camera for easy identification of events or intruders, day and night. The PIR sensor enables the detection of any motion within a five meter range. Depending on the light levels, a motion alarm triggers the built-in white light LED, ensuring the highest quality of video images known from Bosch. Besides motion detection, both cameras offer a built-in microphone to trigger sound-based alarms. Together with the built-in loudspeaker, users can establish a remote two-way communication channel to address and verify possible security situations. In areas without evident network cabling the wireless model can be used as a stand-alone solution or added to an existing security installation.


Highest image quality at minimum cost


All cameras are equipped with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) ensuring that captured images are tailored to the content of the scene. Depending on movement and varying light intensity, the camera settings are continuously and dynamically adjusted. This ensures perfect exposure of objects of interest while reducing bitrate by up to 50%*. Consequently, your storage costs and network strain are reduced significantly without compromising on video quality.

* intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR)


Safe data storage


You can safely store video data in the cloud, on a network video recorder like the DIVAR IP 2000 from Bosch, or on a built-in SD card (depending on the camera model). Any of these methods give easy back-up solutions for safe storage of relevant video data on all models. When required, you can easily access your video data and control your cameras using one of the free viewing clients, like the Bosch Viewing Client (BVC) or the Video Security app.


24/7 remote access and camera control


Limited bandwidth previously made it impossible to stream HD video on mobile devices. Dynamic Transcoding delivers both smooth live video streaming and instant access to HD images when needed, regardless of available bandwidth. This means you can now use your mobile device (together with the free Video Security app) to access camera controls, live video streams and HD images anytime from anywhere. Dynamic Transcoding also allows you to instantly retrieve the correct video data from hours of recorded material.
To gain all these benefits, simply expand your systems with either a DIVAR IP 2000, DIVAR IP 3000, or VIDEOJET XTC XF.


Quality and reliability


For over 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability. The IP 2000 cameras clearly demonstrate the advantages gained from our years of experience in the field of safety and security. These benefits are combined with the latest cutting edge technology used in high security risk projects – advanced features such as Content Based Imaging Technology, a Common Product Platform, Dynamic Transcoding, the latest sensors, and much, much more. To guarantee peace of mind, all IP 2000 cameras come with a full 3-year warranty. Our cameras are designed to precisely suit your safety and security needs. Products that make sense for the life you lead and the work you do – they are literally “Invented for life”.