OMNEO Media Networking Architecture


Through the use of open public standards, OMNEO will offer professional media network designers improved capabilities for integrating diverse products into complete system solutions.




Bosch Security Systems has introduced a public, public standards based media networking architecture to promote device interconnectivity.

This architecture – called OMNEO – has two components: (1) a media program transport protocol suite that offers low latency, high-quality multichannel media stream exchange; and (2) a robust control protocol suite that provides reliable and secure system control and monitoring for pro media networks of all sizes, from small to intercontinental.

OMNEO's program transport component is the result of a partnership between Bosch Security Systems and Audinate Pty. OMNEO uses Audinate's Dante networking technology to provide standards-based, routable IP media transport.

OMNEO's system control component is an open Bosch Security Systems development descended from the Audio Engineering Society's AES-24 protocol architecture. Named OCA, for Open Control Architecture, it includes many features for flexibility, reliability, security, and compatible growth over the years.


Features and Benefits

Through the use of off-the-shelf networking equipment OMNEO seeks to provide a professional media networking solution that includes low latency, high channel count program transport, full-function remote device control and monitoring, and the ability to interconnect diverse applications domains such as public address, intercom, conferencing, and pro audio/video. Using proven networking technologies, OMNEO provides all of these capabilities with the highest levels or reliability, redundancy and security.


Open Public Standards


Bosch Security Systems is firmly committed to using and supporting open public standards and offering fully interoperable systems.

An open standard is one whose details are available to all without restrictions.

A public standard is one that is maintained and supported by an accredited public standards organization.

An interoperable system is one in which products from multiple manufacturers can operate harmoniously and with full functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is OMNEO?

OMNEO is a media communication protocol which provides for high-quality multichannel media transmission and powerful, reliable system control via standard Ethernet IP networks. It enables the development of audio products capable of cooperating and exchanging audio signals using industry-standard IP digital network equipment

Where will OMNEO be used?

OMNEO will be used in nearly all Bosch Security Systems future communications products where media transport and system control is required. This includes the products of Bosch Public Address and Conferencing, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, RTS, and Telex.

What is OMNEO for?

OMNEO is for professional AV applications where high quality, reliable and secure communications and control are required for networks of up to 10,000 devices.

When will OMNEO be available?

In selected audio products from the Bosch Security Systems family of brands beginning in 2012. Over the next few years, OMNEO will become a central feature of Bosch Security Systems communications product offerings.

Is OMNEO proprietary?

No. Bosch Security Systems believes that open public audio/video networking standards will provide the best value options for customers in the long run. OMNEO will be compliant with public standards when appropriate pro media networking standards, such as AVB, are complete.

Is OMNEO only concerned with transporting AV program content?

No. The architecture also includes powerful system control features. Bosch Security Systems believes that system control is a critical component of interoperability, and promotes efforts to create open public standards for system control as well as media transport.