HD Security Breakthrough. Anywhere. Everywhere.

View high quality HD video despite low or limited bandwidth connections. Dynamic Transcoding technology ensures you can view your video immediately -- anytime, anywhere.


A new generation of video surveillance technology and solutions from Bosch guarantees better operational awareness through access to high-quality HD video images:

Anywhere – Through the bandwidth barrier

Everywhere – With breakthrough imaging


HD Security Breakthrough

Anywhere: Through the bandwidth barrier

View high quality HD video despite low or limited bandwidth connections. Dynamic Transcoding technology ensures you can view your video immediately -- anytime, anywhere.

Everywhere: With breakthough imaging

Get the important details by overcoming image quality compromised by challenging lighting conditions. With Content Based Imaging, the information you need is targeted and optimized so you don’t miss a detail.



Through the bandwidth barrier

It is increasingly important to view security recordings from anywhere – across countries and even across the globe. But reviewing high-quality scenes can be very time consuming – especially remotely via an internet connection. And in the case of limited-bandwidth connections, HD-quality material is invariably buffered, which takes a lot of time. As a result, until today remote viewing was mostly limited to SD images.

Dynamic Transcoding Technology

The technology: With the introduction of Dynamic Transcoding Technology to the whole of its IP and HD range, Bosch is extending the possibilities for limited bandwidth remote monitoring. This new technology enables HD surveillance images to be viewed from anywhere! In the behind-the scenes process, the HD video stream is changed into a lower resolution stream, allowing seamless browsing through recordings. There’s no compromising of the original image quality either, since it is fully restored whenever the image is paused. This gives the viewer the best of all worlds – fast streaming even over limited bandwidth internet connections, and full HD images in paused frames. Dynamic Transcoding Technology allows viewing in HD quality from any location at any time, as long as there is an internet connection available. This way, no detail is missed and it is much easier to identify people and situations.

Bosch products and solutions: A dedicated Bosch ‘Video Security’ iPad App has been developed specifically to support this functionality. The Bosch video transcoder is available as a standalone unit – which clients can add to their own systems – and as an integral part of a complete solution. Bosch is rolling out a range of IP video storage appliances for small and medium systems, providing customers with a wide range of solutions for remote monitoring in HD – even over low bandwidth connections



With breakthrough imaging

Next generation HD video cameras from Bosch use the latest digital imaging technology to deliver outstanding image quality at all times in the most challenging lighting conditions. The cameras make use of groundbreaking Content Based Imaging technology. This automatically detects important objects such as faces, people and vehicles and then dynamically re-tunes the imaging settings to ensure the most useful, highly detailed images of objects of interest are captured.

Content Based Imaging Technology

The technology: Bosch has introduced breakthrough Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) to most of the models in its new range of HD cameras. CBIT controls the image processing using the meta data generated by its state-of-the-art Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) algorithm. The meta data informs the image processing software when image enhancements are required dynamically. The portfolio of Bosch HD cameras now extends from entry-level models with very high light sensitivity up to high-end models that offer amazing performance levels. Both DINION and FLEXIDOME cameras are represented in the range, with a choice of form factors (box, ruggedized or vandal resistant). Just choose the type best suited to your installation.

Bosch products and solutions:

HD cameras: The new HD camera range includes low-light versions that are as light sensitive as the best SD cameras available today. These true 24/7 HD cameras deliver images in color or monochrome day and night, switching automatically between the two modes depending on the illumination level. Either mode can also be selected manually via the alarm input, or remotely via a web browser.

High dynamic range cameras: The new series also includes high dynamic range (HDR) versions that use multiple exposures to maximize visibility throughout the scene. This allows the camera to capture details in bright and dark areas of the scene simultaneously with superior color reproduction. Even in high-contrast scenes, or when looking from dark locations into well-lit areas, these cameras deliver exceptionally clear images to capture more detail in both highlights and shadows.


Bosch Video Security App

The Bosch ‘Video Security’ iPad App has been developed to fully utilize the VIDEOJET XTC XF transcoder's features and enable ‘Anywhere’ access to HD security images, even over low-bandwidth connections. The App is configured to give you complete control of all your cameras, from panning and tilting to zoom and focus functions. It’s like taking your control room with you.

Use the App to search for events based on time and date references. Benefit from full IVA support using forensic search, either directly from the App or via the Web browser playback interface. Having found an event or a point of interest, pausing the replay causes Instant Display Enhancement to present the HD image in its original recording quality.

Now available in the App Store (please click download link to the right under ‘Videos & Demos’).


IP Expertise

Leader in video over IP

One of the most significant and exciting recent developments in the security industry is the growth in IP-based surveillance. Bosch realized this potential ahead of time, and is now leading the way in developing world-class IP-based surveillance systems.

Intelligent Video Analysis: Video over IP is making access to video services much simpler and more cost-effective than ever before. It’s also offering enormous potential to further increase the effectiveness of video surveillance through the addition of extra functionality such as Intelligent Video Analysis inside the cameras. Embedding intelligent functions such as video analysis in the IP encoders and cameras themselves offers important advantages in reducing traffic on a network, since video is transmitted over the network or stored only in the event of an alarm. Bosch was one of the first companies in the world to adopt this approach in its Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software and has taken this concept further by continually extending the range of alarm criteria and providing additional functions to aid live surveillance. We currently deploy our Intelligent Video Analysis software in all our IP network video products and the functionality offered by this software is typical of what users can expect to find in top intelligent video analysis products on the market today.

Encoding expertise: Complementing its leading position in the development of video over IP, Bosch can also claim a leading position in encoding – both in knowhow and technology. Our heritage in mastering encoding techniques for standards like H.263 led to a successful range of SD cameras. Now we are applying the same knowhow to H.264, to ensure truly efficient encoding for maximum customer benefit. This strength in encoding video over IP has made our new Dynamic Transcoding Technology possible.

Founding member of ONVIF: Bosch was also one of the founding members of the ONVIF Open Network Video Interface alliance. This was set up to establish a global interface standard for IP-based network video products, to ensure interoperability between network video products from different vendors. Bosch is still heavily involved in promoting ONVIF and all our video-over-IP products are ONVIF compatible. We also provide comprehensive updates of the firmware for our IP video platform, including the IP, FLEXIDOME IP, extreme Series IP and AutoDome IP cameras, as well as for our VIDEOJET X Series encoders and our VIP X1600 multi-channel encoders and decoders.

Integration solutions: Bosch IP standard- and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and other industry providers. Through ONVIF conformance, the open availability of Bosch video software development kits and a team dedicated to special integration and support projects, it is easy to manage Bosch video products within your system design.

Visit ipp.boschsecurity.com for details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program