EN54 Certification


Both of Bosch’s voice alarm systems – the mid-end Plena system and the high-end fully digital Praesideo system – have been granted EN 54 certification by accredited notified bodies. Certification includes not only the central voice alarm equipment but also peripheral equipment such as loudspeakers.


Bosch Security Systems has long been a leading supporter of international standards for security equipment and was one of the first companies in the world to champion the new EN 54 standard for voice alarm systems. Originally introduced as a European standard for fire alarm systems, EN 54 has now been extended to cover voice evacuation to meet a growing trend in the market towards integration of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems. The standard covers three important equipment areas of voice evacuation: EN 54 16 for central voice alarm control and indicating equipment, EN 54-24 for loudspeakers and EN 54 4 for power supply equipment.

By the beginning of 2009 Bosch had already presented to the market the first EN 54-16 compliant voice alarm system. Thereafter, to gain certification for all its evacuation systems by an accredited notified body as required by April 2011, the company worked with multiple accredited bodies to certify voice alarm equipment.

As a result of these actions, Bosch can now announce that all components of its voice evacuation systems have been granted EN 54 certification by these accredited laboratories. The Praesideo 3.5 and Plena VAS 2.16 central equipment have received certification to EN 54-16. Bosch also supplies charging equipment certified to EN54-4, and the company has been granted EN 54-24 certification for a broad range of loudspeakers covering a host of different application areas associated with voice EVAC. In contrast to other manufacturers, who offer only loudspeakers for one or two defined applications, Bosch can provide EN 54-24 certified products for the full range of audio applications, including voice alarm, speech and background music as well as foreground music and professional audio. The range includes indoor and outdoor loudspeakers as well as flush-mounted loudspeakers for walls and ceilings.

With EN 54 certification of its voice alarm systems and components as well as its Fire Panel 1200 Series and Fire Panel 5000 Series, Bosch can now offer fully integrated EN 54 certified fire alarm and voice evacuation solutions for every application to provide optimum protection for the public and personnel.