Bosch VMS – Complete video management made easy


The Bosch Video Management System supports a wide range of technologies, ranging from the support for analog Allegiant matrix systems up to the latest HD and Intelligent Video Analysis technologies.

The Bosch VMS provides you with seamless management of digital video, audio and data across an IP network. It seamlessly combines Bosch IP cameras, encoders, video management and recording systems, and Allegiant matrix switches, so there is never a need for an operator to worry about where the video is coming from.


Installation and Configuration

Installation made easy

The Bosch VMS is easy to install for small applications and large enterprise systems. Every component is installed out-of-the-box with just a few clicks for instant start-up in standard installations. When required, you can adapt the software for large enterprise systems and specific IT environments.

Configuration made easy

All set-up and configuration can be carried out from any location. Automatic discovery and, assignment of IP addresses as well as advanced copy facilities speed up system configuration and ensure consistency throughout the application. Installation and system maintenance costs are considerably reduced by eliminating the need to configure individual devices or recording services.


Recording, Operation and Scalability

Recording made easy

The Bosch VMS enables you to get from installation to an active recording system with very few mouse clicks. The unique configuration workflow and the graphical setup of recording schedules allow for a quick but thorough recording set-up. Any camera added to the system is a complete active part of your security system within minutes.

Operation made easy

Bosch invests heavily in usability testing to optimize user interfaces. The ergonomic interface of Bosch VMS reduces the complexity of video management, allowing personnel to operate more efficiently and effectively. In Bosch VMS all complexity of supporting multiple cameras and recording technologies is made invisible for the operator, as all cameras act the same no matter where they are in the system or how they are recorded. Simple drag and drop operation allows for intuitive use of the system, and the smart cameo concept enables the operator to view, control and playback the camera, all from one window.

Scalability made easy

Our flexible licensing system makes it easy to add additional channels, workstations and even functionality when the need arises, making sure the system can grow with your needs. In addition, the system supports several legacy recording solutions, allowing easy migration and reducing your total cost of ownership.


Investment protection

Investment protection made easy

When purchasing a Bosch VMS, one year of maintenance is automatically included free of charge. All required maintenance is covered, including minor and major releases. After one year, Service Maintenance Agreements can be purchased on a per year basis.