Integration Partner Program

To grow your business with your own Bosch- and 3rd party-compatible solutions, become a member of the Bosch Technology Partner Program.

Bosch Technology Partner Program


Our program offers you the ideal gateway to easy integrated product development. Access and utilize our tools based on industry standards such as ONVIF. Our program covers a broad portfolio of easy-to-integrate products with management and recording software, video analytic software, monitor wall systems, VSaaS and solution integration.

Integrated Solutions

Combining our heritage of open standards with a broad range of tools, the Technology Partner Program lets you create software applications that support products from both Bosch and third parties.

Flexible and easy-to-use tools

Completely open, the Technology Partner Program gives you access to all the functionality used by Bosch internally. Our integration toolkit incorporates Bosch USPs across all hardware and software products, and across all open standards and proprietary tools.