Prison Solutions from Bosch Security Systems


In contrast to other facilities, where the highest priority is to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering, in prisons the most important thing is to ensure internal security. In particular, breakouts facilitated from the outside can threaten internal communications and the safety of guards. This poses extremely demanding security, safety, and communication requirements such as:

  • Protecting guards and inmates
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations for individual security zones and perimeters
  • Recording and tracking people, goods, and vehicles that leave and enter
  • Making clear, compound-wide announcements
  • Ensuring video surveillance of all activities
  • Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
  • Dealing with fires and explosions

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help prisons to master these security, safety, and communication challenges.



Scenario I

Door Interlocking System. A secured way to manage access routines.


Scenario II

Intercom System. Integrated communication for high security zones.


Scenario III

Video Surveillance. Central monitoring and co-ordination of multiple video systems.


Scenario IV

Intelligent Video Motion Detection. Self-running routines without manual intervention.


Reference Projects


Tihar Jail, India

South Asia's largest prison complex, Tihar Jail in New Delhi, is spread across 400 acres and comprises 9 different prisons, housing around 11872 inmates. The jail is committed to providing a safe and secure detention and is constantly providing welfare opportunities for reformation and rehabilitation for all its inmates.


Butte County Jail, USA

Butte County Jail is located in Oroville, California, in the state's Central Valley region. The jail serves a county of approximately 220,000 citizens with housing capability for more than 550 inmates. It is operated by 135 correctional staff and civilian employees and includes two housing units, a medical department, a kitchen facility, and a central control and administrative area. The jail operates 365 days a year, twenty four hours a day and aims to provide humane custody and care for those incarcerated at the facility.