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In recent years the transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to security risks. One of the greatest challenges is to protect train stations, where the rail industry faces a crucial need to guard passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure, and assets against possible threats. Train stations comprise diverse outdoor and indoor facilities such as tracks, underground passageways, bicycle and car parking areas, buildings, luggage storage facilities, and parked railway cars and engines. They therefore face daunting security issues which lead to the following security, safety and communication challenges such as:

  • Preventing and/or responding to diverse acts of terrorism such as bomb threats, suicide attacks and sabotage
  • Dealing with fire and explosion risks associated with the on-site storage of flammable liquids
  • Identifying and checking abandoned luggage
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Evacuating in a timely and efficient manner

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help train stations to manage these security, safety, and communication challenges.


Video Surveillance Systems

The Video Management System from Bosch enables complete management and recording of all video surveillance components. High-resolution CCTV cameras can continuously monitor control checkpoints or people moving through and spending time in different areas. At train station perimeters, PTZ cameras capture persons approaching or attempting to climb the fences at any time of the day or night. Thermal PTZ cameras identify movement in all weather conditions, thus also helping to prevent train stations operations from being disturbed by people approaching runways etc. Accordingly, the recorded video footage can be used in court as evidence.

Additionally, Bosch Advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) enables self-developed early detection of suspicious behavior and identification of abandoned luggage. Tracking cameras can help verify or disprove alarms, alerting the security operator as appropriate. A “forensic search” function permits fast retrieval of relevant video sequences.


Access Control Systems

An IP-based access control system from Bosch is ideal for preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas such as maintenance facilities, ticket offices, mailrooms and luggage storage areas. It supports a large range of readers as well as biometric solutions to meet strict security requirements. Together with video surveillance, this makes it possible to capture and record all access events. Violations automatically trigger an alarm so immediate action can be taken to deal with the situation.


Intrusion Alarm Systems

Train stations face the risk of valuables, equipment, freight, or personal items being stolen from restricted areas. Even copper wire can be stolen from train yards.

Bosch intrusion systems handle these risks by monitoring all doors, vehicle entrances, and perimeters for unauthorized and suspicious persons and vehicles. If a detector picks up a possible threat, a security operator is alerted. The operator can then use the Bosch Video Management System with high-resolution CCTV cameras and Intelligent Video Analysis to verify the alarm, activate an appropriate action plan, and support subsequent forensic searches.


Public Address and Voice Evacuation Systems

High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for making announcements and dealing with security and safety challenges such as evacuating individual platforms or the entire station. They also need to be integrated with existing railway databases, software, and security systems.

Modular public address and emergency sound systems from Bosch are ideal for everything from routine to emergency announcements – always with maximum reliability and speech intelligibility. The Praesideo digital public address and emergency sound system from Bosch is suitable for even the largest train stations.

Because most stations are located in densely populated areas, announcements must normally be loud to be understood. At night, however, this would disturb nearby residents. Praesideo therefore supports automatic adjustment of the volume to the ambient noise level.


Fire Alarm Systems

In order to protect lives and property at train stations, it is vital to quickly detect, locate, verify and contain fires. Station halls pose special challenges: crowds, high ceilings, large open areas, and long distances to emergency escape routes.

Bosch modular fire panels and detectors are ideal for this and more. They apply multiple intelligent criteria to ensure early, reliable detection – with high immunity to false alarms – and fast responses. A large number of detectors can be connected in loops of up to 3000 m and networked to cover multiple buildings. The panels automatically notify the fire brigade, in addition to interfacing with sprinkler, ventilation, and public address systems as well as the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) to fight fire events of all kinds and coordinate the evacuation of large groups of people.


Building Management System

With all of the security, safety, communication and building automation systems that can be installed in a train station, it is a challenge to efficiently manage and coordinate them all.

The Building Integration System (BIS) from Bosch provides a single Web-based cockpit for monitoring all security, safety and building management systems. This includes alarm management, fast alarm pinpointing via location maps, and follow-up procedures. It also seamless integrates fire and intrusion alarms, as well as evacuation, access control, CCTV, and building automation systems.

Use of the BIS lets a single operator monitor and control all security systems, in addition to enabling faster responses to emergencies and greater overall effectiveness.


Reference Projects


Metro Sao Paulo, Brazil

The subway is the city's principal means of transportation, being reponsible for the transportation of 3 million passengers per day. It consists of five different lines, 55 stations and extends to over 60 km of rail network. The subway system is relatively new, with the first subway line operating since 1974. The subway's monitoring control center was implemented at the same time with the original intention to monitor transport flows.


Minimetro Perugia, Italy

In 1998, the City of Perugia established Minimetrò S.p.A, a stock company with majority public capital. The new company was set up to design, implement and manage a light subway system for the city of Perugia. This new, innovative and alternative public transport system includes the Pian di Massa-Monteluce route, which covers a total of 3.8 km (2.3 miles), with a total investment of over EUR 80 million.


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