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Cities are growing at a very fast pace – by 2050, another three billion or so people will be living in urban instead of rural areas. This trend poses new security and safety challenges of reassuring citizens and business. These are:

  • Monitoring crowds and fight against crime
  • Detering and detecting illicit transactions, vandalism and other forms of crime in city centers and high-crime areas
  • Monitoring traffic flows
  • Dealing with extreme conditions

Managing these challenges is a daunting task, since many different areas need to be monitored. Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help cities to manage these security and safety challenges.


Video Surveillance Systems

Deter and detect illicit transactions

Changing or poor light conditions, both indoors and outdoors, pose particular challenges. To produce usable images, there is a need for high-quality cameras with advanced features such as high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and night vision using thermal or infrared technologies.

Because they are exposed to weather conditions such as rain, sun, and snow, these products must be highly resistant to humidity and extremes of cold and heat.

Monitor crowds

Wherever crowds gather – at tourist sights, public transportation facilities, stadiums, street demonstrations, etc. – video surveillance can help authorities quickly detect potential threats.

An intelligent user interface ensures that operators know exactly where an incident occurs, also helping them pinpoint the locations of cameras in use by displaying the captured images on maps. Complete flexibility in configuring monitors lets operators focus their attention on the right spots at the right times.

Fight crime

When a crime is committed during a street demonstration, CCTV surveillance helps security forces take rapid, targeted action. Fixed cameras can be supplemented by moving cameras for real-time monitoring. They are controlled by an operator via a joystick or workstation. Advanced signal encoding and transmission technologies minimize delays to ensure immediate operator responses.

Storage capabilities are also essential for follow-up investigations, requiring video footage to be kept for varying periods of time.

Monitor traffic flows

CCTV surveillance enables centralized traffic monitoring, especially at major road intersections. It supplies relevant information to help law enforcement agencies and emergency services deal with accidents.

IP video streams can be transmitted over wired or wireless networks, so all of a city’s surveillance cameras can be easily monitored from a single operations center.

Catch traffic offenders

Our license plate cameras capture details at any time of the day or night, even on vehicles moving at high speed and in any weather or ambient lighting conditions. Intelligent Video Analysis supports operators by triggering an alarm when an individual or vehicle enters a prohibited area or behaves suspiciously.

Bosch offers appropriate products to comply with all of these prerequisites. Our broad product range, which includes high-definition, thermal, infrared-assisted, and high-speed moving cameras, meets all of your requirements under the full range of environmental conditions.


Building Management System

With all of the systems and equipment that can be installed to monitor and manage potentially dangerous situations, it is a challenge to efficiently manage and coordinate them all. Enterprise-class management systems from Bosch include an advanced user interface cockpit that lets a single operator efficiently monitor and control all security systems. They also enable seamless management of digital video, audio, and data over any IP network.

A complete solution for Integrated Building Management

No matter how comprehensive and complex your building management requirements are, the Building Integration System (BIS) from Bosch responds flexibly and is extremely easy to use. It is an all-in-one modular platform that combines multiple technical systems: for fire and intrusion alarms, video monitoring, access control, and evacuation. The BIS provides a complete overview of your organization, right down to showing the status of individual detectors. It is based exclusively on proven IT standards – which makes it easy to integrate third-party security and building management systems. This generates synergies while ensuring optimal service and compatibility with existing systems – thus safeguarding your investments.


Reference Projects


Tunnel Montenegrone, Italy

On January 7, 2008, the last part of the Seriate-Nembro-Albino-Gazzaniga road network, between the no. 42 state highway and the no. 35 provincial highway, was opened in the province of Bergamo. On this stretch of road, the Montenegrone tunnel, which is approximately 3.3 km (2 miles) long and the fourth-longest in the whole of Lombardy, constituted the main piece of construction work.


Province of Mendoza, Argentina

The province of Mendoza is located in west-central Argentina and it is divided into 18 departments. Along with San Juan, San Luis and La Rioja, constitutes the region of Cuyo.

With a territory of 148,827 km2, Mendoza is considered an important location for tourism. The wine and fruit production are considered its main activities.


Security Systems Partners

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